Samsung presented a “smart” clock, the cost of smart watches Super AMOLED

Samsung  Super AMOLED

Samsung Super AMOLED

At IFA in Berlin, the Korean Samsung showed intellectual product – its first “smart” clock. The device will work in tandem with a smartphone or a flatbed . It can take photos, to “understand” the voice commands and has already received dozens of special applications.

Technically, the Galaxy Gear – is reduced and trimmed three-year -old smartphone without Wi-Fi or communication module. The watch Super AMOLED display with a diagonal of 1.63 inches and a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels, a single-core 800 MHz processor Exynos and a Bluetooth -enabled economy standard Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with the “parent” device.

The device has a 1.9 – megapixel camera , built- in strap , and two miniature speaker. The microphone is built into the tip of the strap, ie , when the clock put on, is on the inner side of the wrist . By the way , strap on its own will not change , only colored by the manufacturer.

In addition to the screen, at the Galaxy Gear is only one control element – the power button \ lock . Here , in addition to feature-rich filling, the main difference from ordinary hours – not enough to see the need to touch the screen . In addition , the device can be connected via USB and transfer files to it including the application.

Samsung promises that the battery Galaxy Gear ( capacity 315 mAh ) is sufficient for the device to have served for more than a day without recharging. However, as always, it will depend on the frequency of its use, mainly – how long remains on the screen.



Gear will be very ” selective ” – he would only be able to work with also announced in Berlin on the eve of the smartphone Galaxy Note III and tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 in 2014 . In the near future Samsung, however, promised to release a firmware update for the Galaxy S4, which would ” make friends ” with the clock and in the fall – similar updates to last year’s Galaxy SIII and Note II. With Android-powered devices from other manufacturers ‘smart’ watches Samsung, apparently, are not compatible.

The clock display can be scrolled by viewing the installed applications . The watch also boast control music playback on the smartphone , a pedometer that counts the distance traveled and calories burned , and synchronizing data with an application to S Health line of smartphones Galaxy.

One of the biggest advantages of new items will be complete “understanding” with the smartphone . C using voice commands without having to take out a smartphone , you can set an alarm to initiate a call (you can tell by bringing the clock to the ear ) , to request the current weather , dial a number and make a call directly from the clock , using the on-screen dial pad . Also available from the hours of creating calendar events and text messages.

Clock with vibration and sound can notify the user of incoming messages , calls and other events. Voice Memo function allows you to dictate Gear suddenly come to mind bright idea or record the conversation , and then convert the recording into text on your phone .

Galaxy Gear can also be used as a “key” to their smartphone . Auto Lock feature allows you to lock your smartphone every time associated clock drifting for more than one and a half meters, and unlock when the “boss ” is returned .

Thus more popular services – for example , Facebook and Twitter – their applications for “smart ” watches Samsung has not yet been submitted .

The Samsung promised that the Galaxy Gear go on sale in 140 countries on September 25. In the U.S., the device will cost $ 300 , which , given the tradition of the Russian market is likely to be converted to 15 thousand rubles.