Bath-hammock Vessel

Bath-hammock Vessel

Bath-hammock Vessel

Bath from the studio Splinter Works is shaped like a hammock. Make the original look of the product designers managed through the use of carbon fiber. As well as hanging lounger for relaxing, bath Vessel touches the floor. It is attached with stainless steel brackets to the walls. To fill the bath is used outdoor faucet and drain – drain hole in the floor.

Coca-Cola released a bottle made ​​entirely of ice (

Currently, ice bottles are only available in Colombia. Designers involved in the development of their claim that the product is environmentally friendly, because the melting only after the soda drunk, and so there is nothing that would have to be thrown away, or recycled.

For its advertising campaign, dubbed «Botello de Hielo» (bottle of ice), the company Coca-Cola removed a video that shows how people on the beach enjoying an ice cold drink on a hot day, and then leave your bottle in the sand, where it melts . The bottle is wrapped in the center of a red rubber band to keep your fingers warm. Once finished beverage, the bottle melts.

To create such a bottle, the company fills a silicone mold with water, freeze them at -25 degrees Celsius, and then fills the icy drink bottles. Then on each of them is etched logo Coca-Cola, and added a red stripe.

According to the company, the bottles have gained immense popularity on the beaches of Colombia, where vendors sell an average of 265 bottles an hour. But at the time, as the manufacturer advertises a novelty, as an environmentally friendly product, some have expressed concern that the production of these bottles is unprofitable, as they are likely to require additional cooling, and thus the energy consumption during transportation. 4

Moreover, the Food Beast’s claims that the bottles do not maintain hygiene standards, and become a breeding ground for germs because ice absorbs dirt from the environment. Other fans of Coke have been concerned that the short-lived bottles can cause a shortage of drinking water. However, the company does not plan to deliver your drinks at the ice container to other countries.

Coca-Cola – is not the first manufacturer of soda, ice is used in its innovative marketing strategy. In April, the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7-Up posted a vending machine, named “Hot melt machine» (Melting Machine). Made entirely of ice, it melted when passers-by took away from it all with a drink cans.