21-year-old Polish woman is going to have sex with a hundred thousand men – Anna Lisevska Marathon

Young Anna polka Lisevska set a difficult task – to sleep with hundreds of thousands of men from around the world . On his website, lady announced the start of a sex marathon , to take part in which every man can , of course, if he wants to.

“I want men from Poland , Europe and all over the world. I love sex , fun and Men ” – explained Lisevska . It has created a separate website and a page on Facebook, where anyone can it “help” to achieve the goal , please, register . 21 -year-old resident of Warsaw has thought of every detail of it is going to take each partner to 20 minutes to lovemaking . A lot or a little, for the young lady does not matter. The girl has already calculated – sex marathon is 20 years, provided that the place of sex records it will vyhodnym.1

” In Poland, the sex – it’s still a taboo subject , taboo , and those who want to fulfill their sexual fantasies , consider perverts , prostitutes or mentally ill ,” – said Lisevska .

While in her ” sexy kitty ” only 284 men . Lisevska announced the launch of a marathon in the last month. By the way, it also has a long-term partner , who is not in awe of her preferences. However, he seems to have very much in love with her since stated that he ” had to come to terms ” with the vagaries of voluptuous polyachki.0

However, the journalists were in favor uninhibited girls skeptical. Her site is not working properly, to media requests , it does not respond, and as for her physical capabilities , it clearly overestimates them . A continuous 20 -minute sex with hundreds of thousands of men she goes for more than four years. Not to mention the fact that Lisevske may just get bored nonstop sex .