21-year-old Polish woman is going to have sex with a hundred thousand men – Anna Lisevska Marathon

Young Anna polka Lisevska set a difficult task – to sleep with hundreds of thousands of men from around the world . On his website, lady announced the start of a sex marathon , to take part in which every man can , of course, if he wants to.

“I want men from Poland , Europe and all over the world. I love sex , fun and Men ” – explained Lisevska . It has created a separate website and a page on Facebook, where anyone can it “help” to achieve the goal , please, register . 21 -year-old resident of Warsaw has thought of every detail of it is going to take each partner to 20 minutes to lovemaking . A lot or a little, for the young lady does not matter. The girl has already calculated – sex marathon is 20 years, provided that the place of sex records it will vyhodnym.1

” In Poland, the sex – it’s still a taboo subject , taboo , and those who want to fulfill their sexual fantasies , consider perverts , prostitutes or mentally ill ,” – said Lisevska .

While in her ” sexy kitty ” only 284 men . Lisevska announced the launch of a marathon in the last month. By the way, it also has a long-term partner , who is not in awe of her preferences. However, he seems to have very much in love with her since stated that he ” had to come to terms ” with the vagaries of voluptuous polyachki.0

However, the journalists were in favor uninhibited girls skeptical. Her site is not working properly, to media requests , it does not respond, and as for her physical capabilities , it clearly overestimates them . A continuous 20 -minute sex with hundreds of thousands of men she goes for more than four years. Not to mention the fact that Lisevske may just get bored nonstop sex .

Robert Downey Jr. was the richest actor in Hollywood (howit-work.com)

Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr., is rapidly gaining in popularity in recent years thanks to films about Iron Man, is recognized as the highest paid actor in the American film industry. According to the magazine Forbes, he earned for the year of $ 75 million, surpassing the first line of last year’s leader Tom Cruise.

Downey Jr. was not the only one who has surpassed Cruise. The second place ranking is Channing Tatum with 60 million dollars. Such income is part of the success of his autobiographical film about male striptease with his participation, “Magic Mike.”

In third place was Australian actor Hugh Jackman, whose earnings totaled $ 55 million.

Tom Cruise was the same this time only on the eighth line of the rating of the richest actors in Hollywood. For a year he earned $ 35 million.