50 facts about men. facts about men. psychology of boys

50 facts about men that can help you better learn the psychology of boys.

  1. The man himself will cook only as a last resort.
  2. More than half of single men and 27 live with their parents.
  3. If you buy your kid a video still camera, do not forget to close the door to the bathroom. Otherwise, it can all be over cry of surprise, spray and damaged the camera.
  4. Most guys think that it is best to get married in 25-30 years, but more than 50% are married before.
  5. Boys are more concentrated than girls (favorite activity, an important report can take all of their attention).
  6. More than 50% of men declare their preferences for feminine beauty (hair color, shape), when in fact they can enjoy many different types of girls …
  7. Most are buying at online stores is lonely guys.
  8. More than 66% of bachelors dreaming of finding her true.
  9. Sports guys are more likely to frivolous short-lived relationships, rather than guys with undistinguished figure.
  10. Most men have a 4 to 6 girls before the long-term, serious relationship (not 50-100 as they can show off to your friends.)
  11. When the guys stick his thumb in his belt of his pants – it means that they instinctively want to attract the attention of girls.
  12. Never allow yourself to teach the guy in public. You can do this alone. In public, they know what to do.
  13. Balding men often wear baseball caps.
  14. If a guy liked a girl, he will necessarily call for a couple of days.
  15. Over 62% of men rejoice when a girl takes the initiative while dating.
  16. If a guy has a drink, then it is likely he is waiting to continue …
  17. All men do not like the phrase “We need to talk”, no matter what will be discussed further.
  18. Men, too, in his own sensitive. If a man made a fire and the last log is not on fire, he will take it as guilt.
  19. Men brave enough to go to war, but hardly able to go to the hair removal procedure.
  20. All the guys think they are good.
  21. For most guys pretty face may be more important than toned figure.
  22. Most guys usually call rather than send SMS or email.
  23. Men like things respectable (and women), such as fashion phones, expensive jackets and ties.
  24. Men are much less serious about the choice of clothes than girls.
  25. Most men hate shopping.
  26. If you are a man prepares dinner, then he is serious.
  27. A lot of guys do not mind to find yourself a girl older.
  28. More than 30% of guys do not remove the phone from the former mobile phone …
  29. A quarter of men will lie better if the truth can bring the pain.
  30. When the four men get together, they talk about sports.
  31. When four or more women get together, they talk about men.
  32. Men After Divorce again connect their lives in marriage is much faster women.
  33. Men are less sentimental than women.
  34. More than 33% of single men think that love at first sight exists.
  35. If the man promised to call the girl and did not call, this does not mean that he has lost or forgotten phone number, just do not want to.
  36. Men hate to lose.
  37. Guys like it when a girl has their own opinion.
  38. The younger the guy, the more impulsive of its action.
  39. Men accept compliments with more joy than women. Perhaps because they rarely tell them.
  40. Men do not tend to talk about their sex lives with their friends.
  41. Most guys put in order your bed before the first date. ;)
  42. Sexy lingerie girl on a beautiful turn-ons guys naporyadok more than just a naked beauty ..
  43. More than a third of men at least once cheated the half.
  44. Men often believe in yourself, because they grew up, identifying with super-heroes. Women are often complex, because they grew up on the barbie.
  45. Men prefer to take a phone number, but do not leave your.
  46. The ratio of boys to girls free – 12 to 10, ie girls easier to find love.
  47. Men, unlike women, forget everything – both good and bad.
  48. Lonely guys often wear clothing or tattoos that help them express themselves.
  49. For single women is more important than what they think friends, rather than to not alone.
  50. Many bachelors wear socks more than 2 days in a row …

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